My brain is slush. My mind is worse. I’m hungover from two doses of migraine killer cocktail and paying for it. But here’s what I know:

1. God is all around me, above me, behind me, beneath me, and within me.
2. My spirit is one with Jesus and pulses with his eternal life no matter what my brain feels like.
3. My body may be stuck here on earth, suffering through pain, but my spirit is already seated with Christ in the heavenly places, traversing that terrain—which means that invisible to my eyes, I’m awash with glory, with the liquid love of God. I’m standing on grace, breathing it in with every breath I can manage.
4. I’m no “farther” or “closer” to God when I’m struggling than when I’m soaring.
5. This pain will pass. It’s not forever even though it feels like it right now.
6. Inwardly I’m being renewed day by day, and these light and momentary afflictions are stacking up a fort knox of bliss for me in the heavenly places.
7. God could heal me in a millisecond, but even if he doesn’t, I love him madly and I trust him implicitly and one day I will look him in the eyes and all this pain will feel like a silly dream in comparison. I’ll march up to God armed with the question I wept to him in the night, “Why did you let me go through that?” I’ll clear my throat, raise my gaze to meet his, and I’ll be so smitten by his magnificence and splendor that I’ll say, “I can’t remember my question.” And I’ll never remember it again.

I serve a good God who loves me and is not holding out on me. This I know. The Bible tells me so, and so does his Spirit, and my heart echoes its bleeding amen. Amen. AMEN!