Jesus, thank you.

Thank you for wonderful friends and a beautiful day and a half at a cabin.

Thank you for my family, more precious to me than anything this world has to offer.

Thank you for a great leadership team meeting last night, and for each person who sits around that giant table with me—treasures all.

Thank you for our “new” home, the space we enjoy there, the memories being built moment by moment as we ding the corners and spill things on the floor.

Thank you for a nine-year old who thinks I’m amazing, an eleven year old daughter who still wants to hold my hand, a fourteen-year old boy who still wants to be my buddy.

Thank you for the homemade pizza I just enjoyed, and the way the mushrooms, onions, and peppers danced with the pepperoni in my mouth.

Thank you for this church—flawed, gracious, and glorious.

Thank you for Shauna, my life partner and co-conspirator—lover and a soul-mate, hand holder and back rubber, heart stealer and laugh giver.

Thank you for Jesus, my King and Inspiration—Strength and Savior, Life and Leader, Vision and Visionary.

Thank you for prayer, this crazy life-line and foundation.

Just thanks.