I prayed this prayer a couple of years ago, and felt led to post it today. Maybe you can relate?

A Cry From the Weak

Lord, I confess
That sometimes my head spins dizzy
My focus slowly shifts without me noticing
Before I know it
I am looking in a different direction
And I can’t see you anymore.

Lord, I confess
That sometimes I lose my way
A little distraction here, a little temptation there – nothing big,
But before I know it
I have taken a stranger’s path
Without knowing how I got there.

Lord, I confess
That sometimes my faith gets swayed and slurred
The enchanting melody of my enemy slowly loosens my grip
And before I know it
I struggle to believe in the power of Your kingdom
And the heart of Your church.

Lord, I confess
That sometimes I get so tired inside
My soul so lonely, used up, and weary of being a vessel
And before I know it
I have curled up next to apathy to try and stay warm
Forgetting to draw my strength from You.

Lord, I confess
That sometimes I get sick of this spirit war
The barrage of my enemy pounding like a relentless drum
And before I know it
I am numbed by the chaotic battle fronts confronting my soul
No longer able to distinguish between weeds and flowers around me.

Like a breath of fresh air, You give moments like these (Praise Your Name forever!)
When the fog is actually clearing, the path is exposed, and the enchantment is broken.
I rub my eyes, shake the fuzz from my head,
And set my heart on s enjoying you again.

I call to You, Lord Jesus-
Break these invisible chains!
Snap me back to Your strong reality.
Don’t let the siren voices woo me away;
Bind me to the firm mast of Your Presence.
Don’t let the lie suck me into its greedy whirlpool
And don’t let my vision die among all these dry bones.
Help me to take Your hand ever so tightly
Even as I am now in Yours, where none can reach me.
You are my all in all. Be what I cannot be…
Be the strength I cannot muster
The passion I cannot find
The love I cannot give
The joy I cannot hold.

My shield is God most High. Amen.