Life-giving Lord Jesus,

I need your cleansing to flow, a gracious medicine filling my frame.

I need your strength to uphold me, to secure me, to enflame and empower me.

I need your beauty to inspire me, to woo me, to invite and enfold me.

I need your heart to drive me, consume me, to capture and centre me.

I need your words to describe me, define me, to flow from me like soothing water for a skeletal wasteland.

I need your healing, your holiness, your truth, and your wisdom.

I need me to shrink back, you to step in. I need my flesh to retreat, and you to advance.

I need less of me, and so much more of you.

I need your laughter and your joy,

Your sternness and your focus,

Your creativity, your eternity,

Your immanence, your transcendence, your everything.

Jesus, live your life through me today.

May we be perfectly one, I your surrendered servant.

In your Big Name, amen.