Cool Idea of the Week

Video Gamers are familiar with the concept of a H.U.D., or a “Heads-Up Display.” A H.U.D. helps players keep track of their health, ammo levels, maps, point tallies, that kind of thing. But I’ve been wondering: What if you could build a H.U.D. to help you deal with your thoughts?

So I started drawing, and came up with this:

HUD for thoughts


Here’s how the H.U.D. works.

Something crosses the screen of your mind into the crosshairs. It could be anything. Let’s say you remember something painful from yesterday.¬†You swipe it offscreen to the left. That’s already over.

Or let’s say you start thinking about how busy your week is, and start worrying about how you’re going to do in your presentation, due Friday. That’s not for now, that’s for later. Swipe right. Gone.

What if you start feeling sorry for yourself and those condemning, self-beating thoughts rise up in your mind? Flick ’em down, baby. Those belong in the pit. Seeya.

Of course, at any point (actually, at at every point) you should push ’em up to God first. That’s called faith, and if it involves words, we call it prayer. Once you’re done (or he’s done speaking into it) flick those thoughts where they belong. Past, future, or pit.

What’s left in the space in the middle is the present, which is where we live. And now it’s not cluttered with past, future, and pit-iful thoughts. We can focus on what God has right in front of us.

So… what’cha think? What would you add to this work in progress? Change? How does this help? Or not?