1. Once on a mission trip to Mexico, I prayed for a lame guy who was healed.
2. I once prayed for a co-worker in a restaurant with broken ribs. He was doing sit-ups a week later.
3. Years ago my son had a weird growth developing on his back. For a week I would touch it and tell it to die in Jesus’ name. After a week of that, it fell off.
4. I once prayed over a youth sponsor at youth who was suffering from chronic kidney infections. She felt intense heat, and was cured. Last time I checked, she hadn’t had another one.
5. A guy named Steve Lightle prayed for my back, and my leg grew 2/3 of an inch. The change was so drastic that my hip muscles were sore for a week as they adjusted to the miraculous shift or growth.
6. A year or two ago a guy in our church approached me to pray for him. “Sure,” I said, slapping his shoulder, not realizing that his shoulder was in excruciating pain. He was healed when I slapped him.
7. I once prayed with a girl on sleeping medication since she was a child. Against my direction, she discontinued the meds and slept like a baby from that day forward.
8. After praying over him, my son Noah passed a jagged stone the size of a grape seed through his yoo-hoo. We took him to the hospital and they didn’t believe me when I showed them the stone. Tests revealed no trace of blood in his urine.
9. I have seen too many people to count released from guilt, shame, anger, and bitterness in times of prayer.
10. God released me from an intense addiction to lust and porn.
11. On a few occasions, God has actually given me permission to speak to weather to change it. Bizarre, I know, but true.
12. I have watched a rash vanish before my eyes.
13. I once prayed over a woman with intense knotting in her neck. She felt heat and release from the knots immediately.
14. I once prayed for a youth sponsor with a weird kind of ailment that doctors were having trouble diagnosing. She got worse. So I prayed again a day or two later and she was cured.
15. I watched God take a demonized girl, release her, ground her in her faith, and send her off to be a full time missionary in the Philippines.

Jesus, you are the healer, the miracle worker, and you get all the glory. Amen.

But now you: Have you ever been part of or witnessed a miracle? Tell us the story!