Hey, just wanted to share a fantastic answer to prayer with you.

I’ve struggled with bad headaches as long as I can remember. In the last two decades, this has degenerated into a chronic migraine problem. Since moving to Calgary (known for temperature and pressure swings so extreme that even non-headache sufferers get headaches) my life has been pierced by pain that seems to be getting worse all the time. I’m to the point where I now have a headache of some kind at least 25 days per month.

It took two years seeing my current doctor before he’d refer me to the Calgary migraine clinic, and I learned at the clinic orientation recently that the wait to see the neurologist would be another year or more. While there, I signed up for a clinical study related to certain medications, not sure what it would entail but hopeful that it might help me somehow.

Imagine my surprise to find out the study gets me in to see the neurologist for my initial consult… this coming Wednesday!

I’ve been praying about this, but honestly, I never even thought of asking Jesus to circumvent the wait. He gave that to me because he loves me, not because I asked him. Lord Jesus, you’re awesome.

And blog family, please pray for me and these docs. I need some relief and a break in the clouds.


And thank you.