Whether you’re a brand new believer or a seasoned Christ-follower, this 40 day email devotional will deepen your roots in Jesus and grow your faith in beautiful ways.

A pathway for maturity

There are spiritual stages to grow through, & knowing what they are will help you embrace them.

Learn to pray effectively

Unlearn wrong ideas about prayer and learn how to pray according to God’s will.

Bible Study basics

A 3-part series that will equip you to study the Bible for yourself so you can walk with God.

Learn to hear God's voice

A 4-part teaching series that will awaken you to hear God & equip you to listen to his voice.

Got the 'cheat sheet?'

Download a 1 page “cheat sheet” outlining Bible study principles for maximum life-change.


A way to share the gospel, your testimony, and a challenge to trust Jesus that’s simple enough to draw on a napkin.

Go deeper in the gospel

Learn how the gospel stems from the character of God & the life of Christ… and more!

The gospel for all of life

Learn to apply the gospel to every issue you face, because Jesus is the Way, Truth, and Life.

Love people strategically

Every non-Christian you know is on a journey with God. Learn to help them where they are.

Shining where you live

Learn what it means to be a lighthouse and how to embrace your mission field.