Finding Home: A parable of Kingdom Life

What if you woke up today and found yourself living in the spiritual dimension? Everything you once took by faith is now visible to your naked eye. Finding Home is a fantasy jammed with subversive truths with the power to end the world… as you know it.

When we struggle to get closer to God, religious effort leaves us discouraged and empty. I’ve been down that dead-end path and back from that awful grave. I’m not going back.

Follow the epic journey of Ivan—a believer transported to the heavenly dimension, where he must choose between two paths. One leads to exhaustion, despair, and death; the other leads to the heart of the King. Which will he choose?

Through Ivan’s mind-bending journey, learn how to live in two worlds at once. This is a story you’ll want to read over and over as you rethink your old assumptions about faith and kingdom life. Which path will you choose?

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