I’m not afraid of Covid-19. I’d rather give my immune system a chance to fight this thing off naturally. 

That said, I’m joyfully choosing to get vaccinated, long before I have to, and I’d like to share my reasoning with you. I’ve currently received my first Pfizer shot, and will get my second one as soon as possible.

I’m a pastor serving in Calgary, Alberta. Throughout this Pandemic, I’ve intentionally avoided telling people what to believe about Covid & what personal policies they should adopt in response. I’m not an expert in these things. But I will share my own thoughts.

My first four reasons are love-driven, because the Bible says love casts out fear. See, I don’t really care if loving people plays into conspiracies of control and overreach, because my Jesus is bigger than that, and loving people is the right thing to do, regardless of how people take advantage of that love. My love is not tied to agreeing with government policies.

So here are my top eight reasons for happily getting vaccinated for Covid-19. 

I want to be a safe person.

I could be wrong about how prevalent asymptomatic spread is, and could therefore spread Covid without knowing it. I don’t want to hurt people in any way, intentionally or otherwise. And I want to be able to hug people who need a hug. I’m even willing to endure the astronomically-unlikely possibility of side-effects if it makes me a safer person, because Jesus gave everything for me, even dying for me so I could live. My calling is to live that way for others, so I’m getting vaccinated.

I want to be seen as a safe person.

There is so much fear (and the anger it produces) tidal-waving through our culture. I want to be an oasis of peace and trust and love, someone people can turn to. And I want people to feel safe getting that hug from me. So I’m getting vaccinated.

I want to help re-opening.

Whether I like it or not, a huge part of our government’s re-opening strategy is now tied to the percentage of people vaccinated. I love small business owners and the people in my community, so to help small business owners get back in the game, to help people recover some sense of normalcy, I’m getting vaccinated. 

I want to help health-care workers.

If doing my part helps slow the tide of cases, a percentage of which will always result in a certain amount of hospitalizations and ICUs, then I can help relieve pressure on our medical system and the heroic caregivers working themselves to the bone. I love health-care workers, so I’m getting vaccinated.

Now a few selfish reasons. ‘Cause, uh, let’s be honest.

  1. I want to be able to see my aging parents, living in another province, again soon. 
  2. I want to stroll down a beach in Maui again, holding hands with my beautiful wife. Like, sooner than later. 
  3. I want to host a dinner party in my beautiful back yard with friends and family. And full In-Person church gatherings.
  4. I’m really tired of isolating for being a close contact, while never actually contracting Covid. I’d really like to not have to do that again. Being fully-vaccinated will make this a reality.

There you go.

These are my reasons for getting vaccinated. I’m not telling you what you need to think or do. I’m just sharing what I think, what I’m doing, and why I’m doing it. I figure if more people share their why, maybe it will help others make their decisions, too. I understand that my reasoning may challenge you, or make you feel judged. That’s not my intention.

No matter who you are or what you choose, you are loved. 🙂